Fusing together both modern and classic styles, a long standing family owned landscaping business on the North Shore of Chicago gets a fresh look.

Moreno Landscaping is an intergenerational family owned business.  Serving the North Shore of Chicago for over 30 years, the team has a devoted list of clients and has gained business over the years mainly through word of mouth.  At the time of this project the younger generations had started to assume more responsibility within the company and wanted a visual identity to support their marketing efforts.  Working with the family presented an interesting set of challenges.  Many different ideas were tossed around, and due to the generous gaps in age of the parties involved, very different ideas of the desired results emerged.  When designing for Moreno Landscaping, I took into account the traditionalist values and dedication of the older generations who had helped build the company and applied classic type treatments to the headline and sub copy.   With a nod to the younger generation I included a symbol of a stylized tree with bright pops of green infusing the design with a playful twist on classic imagery.