A burger bar with an edgy identity inspired by the DIY and 'zine movements, sixties and seventies rock and roll and American icons sets up shop on the island of Crete.  

Mojo Burgers had no existing identity when I came to work with them.  The shop was tucked away on a small side street in the old town of Rethymno on the island of Crete.  A few years earlier, the food gained notoriety at a beach outpost.  With the team working out of a food truck, everything hand crafted and carefully prepared with enthusiasm and love each day, they built a cult-like following hungry for tasty fresh burgers, hand cut fries and delicious house made sauces.  Moving into town gave the shop more exposure and with it the need for a visual identity. With a population of around 40,000 residents, plus a vibrant student body from the university and over 2 million tourists visiting the island each season, Mojo Burgers needed to communicate with its expanded audience.  Working from scratch, and with 100% creative control, I was inspired by the punky do it yourself attitude of the owners and wanted the logo to embody those qualities.  Ultimately the logo was applied to many surfaces (and service items) with a stamp and ink pad!  Rock and roll, the blues and other classic American music genres played in heavy rotation on the shops' sound system.  These artists, and many of their Hollywood counterparts, were the inspiration for various burgers and sandwiches.  Using these American icons, I designed a set of teasers featuring the shops most popular menu items the Elvis and the Marilyn.  Foregoing traditional advertising avenues, the shop opted to hand canvass the city. Pasting the posters around town allowed them to engage with a diverse range of people. I'm proud to say that Mojo Burgers reached number one on Trip Advisor in its first year and last fall was listed in Lonely Planet's guide to Greece.